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Chemical Compatibility

Innovative Products From Kalbag Filters 

With years of experience and in depth knowledge, we have developed a superior range of white thick wall cartridge. RBCM (resin bonded cellulose melamine).

Cartridge / Cellulose Cartridge is made from cellulose fibers, which are essentially bonded together by a melamine resin, so as to make a solid, durable as well as porous structure. This ensures a stronger cartridge which is less subjected to collapse. Also, the cartridge material meets the FDA specifications, making it totally safe for applications regarding beverages, potable drinking water, cosmetics and syrups etc. The clean white cellulose fiber structure will not leave any taste, odor or color to the liquid being filtrated, when in use within the suggested temperature range.

We offer two styles of this cartridge: grooved and un-grooved. Excellent in dirt holding capacity, the grooved cartridge is constructed to provide 68% more surface area. While the un-grooved cartridge is suitable for high differential pressure applications like paint, ink, and high viscosity fluids, etc. Also, it is superior in it's ability to coalesce water when utilized in the air filtration applications. Both the varieties are designed to withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius, in closed circuit water applications with no oxidizing air.  

RBCM cartridges are accessible in nominal porosity of 100 microns to 0.1 micron, and the sizes differ from 150 mm to 250 mm height. 

Chemical Compatibility

The cross link of melamine resin and cellulose fibers creates an extremely resistant structure, which is compatible with almost all liquids and moderate chemicals. The Cellulose Cartridge is appropriate for many commercial / industrial filtration applications, such as drinking water, gasoline, alcohols, edible oils, paints & inks, photographic solutions.

See chart for specific applications:  


Temp., oC
 Acetic Acid Conc., % Max. 38
 Acetone 5 21
 Ammonium Carbonate 100 21
 Ammonium Hydroxide any 0
 Beer any 71
 Benzene any 93
 Calcium Carbonate 100 93
 Chloroform any 82
 Ether any 65
 Ethyl alcohol any 65
 Freon & Ethylene Oxide any - 34
 Fructose 12 - 88 120
 Glycol any 120
 Heptane any 120
 Inks any Operating
 Isopropyl Alcohol any 120
 Lacquer Thinner any 49
 Lanolin any 49
 Lead Acetate any 120
 Methyl Alcohol 20 120
 Methylene Chloride 90 65
 Nickel Chloride any 38
 Nitroenzene 5 0
 Oleic Acid 70 38
 Pickling Brine ( food ) any 0
 Propane Gas any 49
 Sodium Cyanide any 0
 Sodium Sulphide any 60
 Tartaric Acid 40 49
 Toluene any 93
 Vinegar any 38
 Water any 120
 Whiskey / Wines N/A 49
 Xylene Xylol any 21


We advise individuals to perform their own tests to ascertain the safety & suitability of our products with a chemical at any temperature, for their particular applications. 

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